Best Livewell Pump: Which One Is Right For Your Boat?

If you intend to keep the fish and bait alive, then having a livewell tank in your boat become inevitable. However, livewell tank alone might not be enough for keeping the bait and fish healthy and alive. You will require a livewell pump as well. Having the best livewell pump among the various types currently available in the market can be challenging.

Fishing livewell has become popular for varied reasons. Sports fishing is one of the reasons for making the exercise more popular. Such activities involve catching and releasing the fish back into the water.

Whether you need the livewell pump for bass tournament fishing or any purpose, a livewell pump is a must-have tool. This article will help you with the right information in selecting the best from the market. 

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What Is a Livewell Pump?

A livewell pump is a pump that circulates fresh water as its main function into the livewell tank. The fresh water keeps the fish and bait well aerated and alive. Livewell pump for boats is always made using special, innovative and technology to ensure it does not disappoint to find your livewell dead at the end of your fishing activity.

You need to have the best livewell pump in order to keep your live bait and fish alive and as healthy as possible. Otherwise, with the wrong livewell pump, it might fail you when you need it most. 

1. Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump

This pump is a very powerful pump with a very small, innovative engineering and compact design. Its small package size is simply in contrast to its high output. Its function is to propel water into the livewell fish tank. The purpose for this is to supply the fish with enough oxygen at all times keeping the fish active. In addition to its quality design, it is made with quality materials like waterproof wiring, cooler-running motors, and watertight seals.

Tsunami aerator pump also has special features like replicable and interchangeable cartridges between the bilge and aerator pumps.


1. Good design: It is designed in a small compact package with very high performance. It is made in such great and innovative engineering design to give a great performance.

2. Motor cartridges: The motor cartridges are interchangeable and replaceable between the bilges.

3. Quality materials: It is made in quality materials. They include waterproof wiring, cooler-running motors, and watertight seals. This makes it is long lasting.

4. High output: Despite its small size, its overall output is large even in a rough environment.


It might be a little noisy.

This package is the best in our rating because of its great performance, durability, compact design, ease of installation and affordable price. Making a decision to have in your boat is not a wasted investment. Go for it if you can afford it.

Editor's Note

2. Johnson Pump of America 28572

Johnson Pump is a powerful pump that consumes only 12V and has an interchangeable and replaceable motor. It is a 750 GPH cartridge pump that is ignition protected. This can upgrade the output of your bilge in a few minutes. It also uses a 5A fuse. It is also easy to install. Cleaning and maintenance are also very easy and simple because of its interchangeable and replaceable motors.


1. Excellent performance: This pump has high performance with low voltage consumption of 12V. It is a 750 GPH pump that ensures great output.

2. Great power: It works in a voltage of 12V and a 750 GPH pumps with a fuse of 5A.

3. High output: With great performance accompanied by its perfect features, its output is quite exceptional.

4. Replaceable motor: The motor is replaceable and interchangeable hence easy cleaning and maintenance.

5. Ease of operation: It is both easy to install and easy to install.


It is not very durable

With all these exceptional features, it is effective and I would recommend it for the users. The pumps are less priced than the first pumps. So, you can give a try.

Editor's Note

3. Rule Replacement Cartridge

If you want a powerful pump with great performance then Rule Replacement Cartridge for Original Pro-Series Livewell Pumps is the ultimate piece. It has a replicable and interchangeable motor cartridge. This replacement is versatile. Therefore, you can keep it clean while maintaining the impeller. This a very brilliant feature that makes it special since it increases its durability. It consumes 12V DC with 700 GPH.

These superior motor cartridges always keep your bilge pump in working order.


1. Remarkable performance: It is a 700 GPH that requires up to 12V DC, and it is endowed with a function of aeration that it does brilliantly.

2. Motor cartridges: It has a superior motor that can be easily replaced. The replacement is versatile. Therefore, it always keeps your bilge pump in working order if cleaned frequently.

3. Usability:  Its functionality is without question. Its easy operation and maintenance with no leakages make it exceptional.

4. Great power: With a consumption of just 12V, its output is so high to sustain aeration perfectly and continuously.


The shafts and drafts are made of reactive materials. This might reduce the durability of the piece.

Having quiet motors that are easy to replace and a powerful and durable piece. You can consider this booster pump since its effective and user friendly. Additionally it's affordable.

Editor's Note

4. Johnson Pumps 48903 1000 GPH

Johnson pump is a powerful masterpiece with a 12V replacement motor and a 1250 GPH cartridge pumps. This pump gives not only a remarkable pressure but also enough power for your livewell.

In addition, it can aerate a large system comfortably. It is also very durable and affordable due to the materials it is made of. Its performance is excellent even in rough environments with great output.


1. Brilliant performance: It provides a powerful performance of up to 1250GPH requiring only 12V, not to mention its aeration function that is excellent even for a large system.

2. Quality materials: It is constructed using strong materials making it very durable yet affordable. This will also ensure that it performs well even in rough environments.

3. Excellent functionality: It is an exceptional piece that you can depend on and consumes little energy for its aeration function. It performs remarkably even in rough environments.

4. Great power with the smooth flow: It is a great power pump that requires only 12V and performs remarkably with a very smooth flow of water.

5. Twin port pump: It is a 1250GPH twin port pump. This is a special feature for this piece.


It comes with only a single washer

This is an affordable, durable, functional and powerful pump making it our fourth selection pump.

Editor's Note

5. Jabsco Rule Marine Rule Replacement Motor

This particular pump comes with excellent motors that are easy and convenient to replace. They are made simple designs with a short lifespan. They can be used both in fresh and saline waters, but not in water contaminated with chemicals. They are very easy to use and are flexible to rotate.


1. Ease of operation: It is very easy to use the pump. The one hand push button motor cartridge it possesses enables a quick and easy usage.

2. Flexibility: courtesy of the 36000cl flexible base, this piece can be easily rotated at any angle hence you can position the inlet at any angle.

3. Removable cartridges: the motor cartridges are removable and are convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

4. Excellent performance: with a 12V and a 5A fuse, the piece produces excellent output, not to mention its capability to rotate.

5. Installation: it is very easy to install. The replacement is also fast and convenient.


This piece is not long lasting. It is also noisy.

This is a good performing piece that is easy to install, is affordable and easy to use. Giving it a try will not disappoint you.

Editor's Note

6. Johnson Pumps of America 38502

This pump can be fully submersible in water. This is a very special feature. Its cartridges are interchangeable and replaceable. It consumes 12V and a power of 500 GPH. It is ignition protected. It is also made in a quality material that doesn’t rust hence easily used even in salty water and tough environments. It also has an exclusive anti-airlock system. It is easy to install with crack resistant dura-port fittings.


1. Quality materials: It is made of a rugged white ABS thermoplastic housing and a crack resistant dura-port fittings that enable it to be fully submerged in water.

2. Rust resistance: It is also made of stainless steel interior that protects is from rust. This enables its usage in both saline and fresh waters.

3. Excellent performance: It consumes 12V to produce 500GPH output hence a remarkable piece, not to mention its exclusive anti-airlock system.

4. Usability: Being ignition protected and easy to install, its performance is highly boosted. The motor is also replaceable.

5. Diversity: It can be used in both fresh and salty waters hence quite diverse.


It is not very durable

What to look for before buying a livewell pump

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a livewell pump. Below is the list you should take into consideration.

1. Water Transfer Capacity

Water in the livewell tank needs to replaced regularly in order to keep your livewell healthy and alive. You should go for a pump capable of replacing the water after every 6 to 10 minutes.

2. Size

Many people prefer bigger pumps having the perception that bigger pumps have got higher capacity. Contrary to the notion, bigger pumps are prone to airlocks hence damages your bait. The best livewell pump should have an average size. However, if you go for a high capacity pump, ensure there is an anti-locking mechanism to keep your bait safe.

3. Safety

What action will you take in case of a leak? A quick shut down probably. You should ensure the pump has got heavy-duty valves fitted between it and hull's interior hull to allow you to shut down the leak as quick as possible to keep your bait safe.

4. Ease of Mounting

How easy is it to mount the livewell to the boat? Your pump choice should not require a complicated process to mount. Go for tools that would not require hiring an expert to fix. This means you will be spending less hence cost-effective.

5. The angle of the Outlet fitting

The mounting position of the pump is very crucial. If not positioned at the correct spot, it can cause air trapping leading to an airlock. Therefore, choose a pump that will give the flexibility you need to adjust the angle of the outlet fitting.

6. Output Flow

Is the pump powerful? Select the pump with efficient flow output. Ensure the pump matches your need regarding the distance of drawing freshwater as well as tank capacity. Have in mind that, the longer the distance the pump draws water, the lower the output.

7. Construction

Due to the harsh environment, the pump is going to exposed to; a good pump should have a rugged construction. This is important in helping in the prevention of wear and tear.

8. Motor cartridge replacement

Having a pump that gives flexibility in replacing the motor cartridge is a good choice. It will enable you to clean as well as maintain it effectively. The lifespan of a pump will be extended and function efficiently if it is well maintained.

9. Affordability

The price of any tool is an important factor to put into consideration. Buying a pump at a high price does not guarantee its quality. Have this in mind always. The pump's features and functionality determine its quality. You can weigh the two aspects to determine whether you are buying a pump that will serve you for a long time.


Regardless for the reasons intended, either for a fishing tournament or other reason, livewell pump is a must-have a tool to have to keep your livewells healthy and alive. It felicitates freshwater circulation in livewell to keep fish breathing and bait healthy.

Where are livewell pumps used?

In many fishing sports, you will not go without a livewell pump. This is a mandatory tool. With the aim of the sport not kill the fish, it is, therefore, necessary to have a livewell for keeping the fish and the bait alive. A livewell tank enables you to catch the fish alive therefore the health of the fish is entirely dependent on you.

The pumps facilitate circulation of the freshwater needed by the fish for its survival and keep the water aerated. Secondly, livewell is also used in the transportation of live aquatic animals apart from fish. These aquatic animals might be meant for research studies by scientist hence keeping them alive becomes essential. To achieve this, the livewell ought to be made with non-toxic materials that would not affect the aquatic animals.

Top 4 livewell pump brands

1. Attwood livewell pumps

Having a compact design and creative engineering, Tsunami pumps are well known of their quality. The pumps deliver high output flow just from a small package. The brand employs the use of most advanced material available including high-quality bearing, alloys, magnet and state of the art brushes.

Attwood livewell pumps shaft seal prevents the leakages that might be caused due to misalignment. They have caulked as well as tinned wiring eliminating wicking and helps in the resisting corrosion and prevention of water damage. The high-efficiency aerator livewell pump ensures the water moves out at capacities of 800 gph.

2. Johnson livewell pump.

A unique pump brand in the market. It is popular due to their uniqueness. Johnson livewell pump has got a twin port that offers the convenience to use a single intake for both livewell as well as raw water wash down pump. Cartridge Aerator Pumps offers convenience and reliable service. In-well Aerator kit that offers the best and easiest way to add oxygen for your bait and fish as well. It is always used as a primary aerator in recirculating when making a long run.

The brands have a special Ice chest aerator kit that helps in converting ice chest into a portable live bait tank. Not forgetting the inclusion of study Bilge, battery clamps, hose, press-on clamp, spray bar, and a clear-cut instruction.

3. Rule livewell pump

Making it into the limelight, rule livewell pump brand is beating the majority in the market with its revolutionary design. Fitted with an impressive motor cartridge removal system with one-handed push button. The innovative system comes with an easy grip rubber overmold. What makes this pump to be a top brand?

Ok, its hose barbs to have a 360Á rotatable base as well as glass filled. With their new release to the market, Rule FC Tournament Series Livewell Pump that can serve for a very long time and very powerful. With very little or completely no noise at all.

Therefore, you hardly get distraction when using the tool. The livewell offers an easy way to replace the motor when it expires due to its versatility feature in replacing the motor cartridges hence convenience. Finally, due to the presence of hook attachments, it is possible to flexibly mount the hose on various or multiple options.

4. Shurflo livewell pump

This is a quality made pump brand. Its pumps are compact and easily fills the bait tank. Shurflo livewell pumps offer easy installation to their pumps. It will take just a couple of minutes to have the pump fixed on your boat. With this kind of brand, you can repair the pump without entirely removing the pump base. When winterizing the system, most of the brands have got to port help you in this process.

It has got a classical set-up. The changeable, pump 'cartridge' and readily available. It eliminates the hustle of plumbing work should there be a need to replace the motor.


When choosing the top livewell pump, don’t get confused. Choose a perfect pump that will serve you sufficiently and for a long time. All these can be avoided when you have the best in the market. The above guide will help you the best with our top-rated selection.

Since we trust our experts involved in testing and reviewing real users of selected livewell pumps, we are certain, that investing your money in any of them will do you good.

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