Choosing The Best Water Pressure Booster Pump Reviews

If water pressure is coming through slowly in your home, perhaps trickling, then it will be of no harm to install the best water pressure booster pump. Have you ever thought how low-pressure water from your tap could be exasperating? I mean, who doesn’t? Low pressure from your 50th-floor apartment isn’t worth the thought. This is where the pressure booster pump comes in.

However, you should check some few basics before you spend a few dollars on pressure booster. Of great concern is to check whether the pipes are in good condition. If they are, well and good. If not, consider replacing them since they might be the genesis of the low water pressure menace. In case of low pressure, you will need water pressure booster pumps for home.

There are several booster pumps in the market currently and choosing the best can be such a hectic task. Through extensive analysis and testing of various water boosters, we have selected the top rated to save your time.

Comparison of Water Pressure Booster Pumps




Our Rating




BOOSTER PUMP 10-36 GPD 6840-2J03-B221


SIMER 3075SS-01 3/4 HP






GRUNDFOS MQ3-35 96860172


What is a Water Pressure Booster Pump?

A water pressure booster pump is simply a machine used to increase water pressure in your pipes. The pumps cannot function independently rather they are meant to boost the performance of your already installed pump system. Its mode of operation is through drawing more water from the city or community line hence better experience at your home. Interestingly, the best booster pump can add up to 40 to 60 psi into your existing line. This is just more than what you need for showers and faucets in your home. Additionally, booster pumps have got various applications; however, when needed, they can be used in conjunction with other pumps.

1. Davey Water Products BT20-30T2

After series of testing and evaluation, Davey Water Products BT20-30T2-USA Home Pressure Booster Pump is our top pick in the market. As our best choice, in deed there are other special features that makes it unique. Have you ever wanted a pressure booster pump that is so quiet but so powerful? Have you ever thought of buying a durable pump that will perform all season long? Then, Davey Water Products BT20-30T2-USA Home Pressure Booster Pump should come into your mind. It is a brilliant product that has both durability and power.

Let's get detail on the number one water pump booster.


1. Pressure Enhancement: This is its primary function, to boost water pressure. Its pressure boost stands at 50PSI (30PSI at 20gpm). 

2. Good casing: Having a stainless steel impeller and pump casing, the pump is protected from unnecessary rust. This is an added advantage to this product.

3. Efficiency: This pump provides a constant flow of water and even pressure for household needs.

4. Performance and flexibility: Due to its exceptional properties, this pump increases the maximum system properties with a boost of up to 100PSI, free from power surges and flexible from the discharge hose.


If not handled with care, then it can lead to leakage.

Due to these brilliant qualities of this merchandise, it is one of the top choices for a perfect booster pump especially for incoming municipal water pressure boost, underground supplies, and irrigation.

Editor's Note

2. Booster Pump 10-36 GPD 6840-2J03-B221

From continuous flow, durability, flexibility, great maximum pressure boost, good performance and duty with wide application, and a perfect control flow component with electronic shut off valve are just some of the unique features. What else would you want from a perfect booster pump? Booster Pump 10-36 GPD 6840-2J03-B221 is one of a kind. And its performance and pressure power is just enormous. Well, this is just as second best choice, will perform relatively good as the best choice.


1. Pressure boost: Performs its primary function effectively, that is to boost pressure. It has a pressure of 60PSI.

2. Duty and effectiveness: It is capable of working continuously without stop. Its performance is just perfect, and it flows control components is outstanding.

3. Flow control components: The pump come with one or more flow components installed, for instance, electronic shut-off valves, tank level controller and pressure switches.


The mounting hardware for this pump doesn’t fit exactly like the hardware for the pump that originally came with the RO system.

These pumps are ideally suited for hydro-pneumatic storage systems. It is a brilliant choice of a pump that you can consider.

Editor's Note

3. Simer 3075SS-01 3/4 HP

A water pressure booster pump that makes you see the value of your money. Simer 3075SS-01 3/4 has got amazing feature making it be the third consideration on the list. Apart from its ease of usage, it is highly durable. The pump has got unique housing made of stainless steel. This makes it corrosive resistant hence its durability.


1. Usability: Simer 3075SS-01 3/4 HP Pressure Booster Pump is one very easy to use with good manual and quick operation.

2. Durability: What else would you prefer than a machine with strength resilience and is long lasting. You find exactly that in this amazing product.

3. Pressure provision: well, it is a pressure pump. It provides a maximum additional pressure of 40PSI.


Claims of frequent electronic control failure point

This is a ¾ HP pressure booster pump and is a powerful product that performs well to its function. It is one to consider when choosing a pressure booster pump.

Editor's Note

4. Zodiac PB4-60 Polaris

Do you want the best pressure-side pool cleaner pump? You are in the right place. We have one just for you. The Zodiac PB4-60 Polaris Booster Pump with 60-Hertz Motor brings out the best combination of high-performance power and durability best suited for just that. It is an amazing horsepower pump with ultra-high efficiency. 


1. Easy installation: Its installation is quite easy. It includes a quick connector and a Softube hose.

2. Energy resourceful: It helps you save up on energy since it is energy efficient.

3. Maximum efficiency: With its ultra-high efficiency and a ¾ horsepower motor these pumps can conveniently be used as a pressure-side pool cleaner pump.

4. Heavy duty: With Amps: 6.4/12.8, drain plug with O-ring and volute seal O-ring makes a brilliant performance for heavy operation.


These pumps become noisy with time especially when they get old.

The quiet operation of Polaris performs, its brilliant performance, high-performance power, and durability make this package one of a kind and an exceptional choice for a quality pump.

Editor's Note

5. BurCam 506532SS

Has it ever crossed you mind the need to eliminate a tank and pressure switches? It is a possible venture. Well, BurCam 506532SS Water Pressure Booster Pump is a viable choice. It delivers full flow and pressure, ideal pressure boost with no maintenance required and fully electronic control are just but some of the supreme feature for these brilliant models.


1. Rust elimination: Rust always contaminates the water. The pump is designed in stainless steel that is rust resistant preventing rust contamination.

2. Electronic control: This is an important feature that comes in handy since it helps prevent the pumps from running dry.

3. Pressure boost: It has a pressure boost of up to 65 PSI, 1” NPT suction and discharge with a 0-100 PSI pressure gauge.

4. Little energy consumption: It saves on energy. It consumes 115V, 60 Hz and a ¾ horsepower.


Not recommended for sand point applications. Pressure regulator must be installed at the pump inlet if the pressure is more than 25PSI.

These pumps try to eliminate the need for a tank or a pressure switch. This is an additional advantage that makes it an exceptional option of a pump.

Editor's Note

6. Grundfos MQ3-35 96860172

Grundfos MQ3-35 96860172 3/4 HP Pressure Booster Pump is an inclusive piece with great performance and durability. The ease of operation and installation is also a key feature in this pump. You can compare the existing qualities that we have uncovered well with the other pumps that for the best decision especially when there is a need to buy.


1. Simple operation and installation: Its use and setup are so simple and easy. This is an added advantage.

2. Pressure boost: Of Course, it boosts pressure with up to 65PSI as its primary objective.

3. Quiet: It exhibits a very quiet operation almost like that of a fridge which is so special.

4. High performance: Its powerful pressure and little energy consumption are efficient features for its full performance.

5. Durability: The pump has built in safeties to ensure the long life of the pump.

6. Perfect inclusivity: it comes with a built-in tank, pressure and flow sensor and checks valves that increase its performance and efficiency.


It has exhibited complains of leakages.

With an automatic reset function, dry run protection, and quiet operation and built-in pressure tank make this pump a phenomenon. This is one of the top choices for a perfect pump.

Editor's Note

What To Look For When Buying A water pressure Booster Pump

When choosing the best water pressure booster pump, first you need to answer two questions before selecting a specific one. How far does your water travel to serve its intended purpose? What is the current pressure water is coming in at? Getting acquainted with the two vital information will determine the type of pressure booster that will work best for your application.

Also note, as assumed by many people, horsepower is not the most vital feature to run for, so don't just buy based on horsepower. Ideally, the pumps might have the same power but different flow rates and pressure.

These are some of the things you should look for when making a comparison of various models.

Check your power source

Ensure that pressure booster your are buying can be effortlessly powered by your power source so as not to hire an electrician wire for higher voltage.

Housing material

Choosing a stainless housing ensures corrosion-resistant booster pump hence longer lifespan.

Single-stage vs. Multi-stage

  • Provides smooth and quieter operation.
  • On rising elevation and longer piping system, it allows the pump not to work so hard.


  • Bladder or Galvanized tank: This will provide portable and safe water for residential capacity usage.

Things to Consider

1. Flow rate

The maximum flow rate refers to the highest volume of water achievable discharged via the pump.

Before making your final decision, determine the maximum flow rate, calculated as GPM=gallons per minute.

2. (Head) Total Pressure

The maximum height can be achieved by the pump to push water against the gravity is referred to as the head.

Liquid's gravity affects the pressure from the pump but does not affect the head. Therefore, this is a crucial consideration before buying any pressure booster pumps.

3. Pressure Boost

The highest pressure that is needed for the current deficit water pressure in the system. It is referred to as pound per square inch (psi) or in head feet.

The pressure needed will be the difference between the current existence water pressure and the system pressure.

4. Self Priming

This feature will be useful for consideration since it helps in creating and maintaining a suitable level of vacuum to sufficiently pull fluid into an inlet minus assistance.

5. Variable Speed

The feature will make it possible for the pump to be operated at different levels of speed.
Saves energy.

Depending on the flow of water, it makes it possible to change the pump speed.

Additional consideration though not necessary is the power source. Pumps can either be powered through AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current). Others can be powered by the magnetic drive, assembled with a permanent magnet on to a drive assembly on an electric motor.

Other Considerations

Who Needs this Particular Product?

Pressure booster pumps have got various uses ranging from residential, commercial building, farms, apartments, commercial and irrigation systems. If you are planning to use it, then you have to use one at a time.

Homeowners who are interested in making an upgrade or perhaps renovating their homes should consider whether they will need a pressure pump. When larger pipes are being installed or addition of plumbing areas, for instance, kitchen or bathroom. You may need a booster for such upgrade. However, you should check with your local city office before any renovation.

Where are Pressure Booster Pumps Used?

As earlier hinted, the pressure booster pumps can be used in various places.

In industries, it is used to enhance water pressure in many industrial processes such as reverse osmosis system and filtration for water purification companies.

In residential places, it is used for pumping water from either tanks, wells or other water reserves into a large commercial and residential building.

In farming, pumps are used for the irrigation system and finally, it is used for moving water uphill.

Types of Booster Pump

Pumps are of different sizes and so do their volume of bladder tanks. Therefore, it is essential to go for the pump that best fits your needs. There are three main types:

  1. Booster 
  2. Booster pump
  3. Booster system

The Booster

This is a simple and most basic. It is used for increasing the pressure within your a primary function to solve simple plumbing under pressure problems.

The Booster Pump

This is an improved pump. It works in line with the simple booster. It consumes more energy since it provides a continuous pressure increase. In case your water consumption is low, then the booster pump will be efficient to solve your problem.

The booster system

For higher water consumption, this works perfectly well. It incorporates a surface pump, a booster as well as a bladder tank; it holds water. If you are looking for the best water pressure booster pump for home, then this type will satisfy your needs. There are a lot of advantages that come along with it. First, since it has a reserve the tank, the repeated startup is less needed.

How do Pressure Booster Pumps Work?

Water booster pumps are centrifugal. This implies that they facilitate the movement of water away from a specific point. The mode of operation relies on impellers drawing water into the pumps. This increases the pressure when it passes through the impeller.

Boosters can either have single impeller (Single-stage) or multiple impellers. Single stage impellers can be used domestically. However, other pumps use multiple impellers (multi-stage) especially the work needed is not that intense. This is required when boosting the water pressure to higher elevations such as pumping water in a tall building, uphill or agricultural purposes


Having a sufficient amount of water pressure in your system is a good experience that everyone would like to enjoy. No one likes the disappointments either in the kitchen or when taking a shower due to low pressure. As you can see, all the listed pumps are of good quality and performance. Their features offer durability, reliability as well as comfort. We ensured that we provided the best features and considered feedback from actual users.

Deciding on which among the six booster pumps listed will entirely depend on your needs. If your water consumption is relatively minimal, then you need to purchase pumps that would best serve big commercial buildings. 

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