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Flash floods, hurricanes, and unseasonal storms can be one of the worst disasters to hit your home. This is because it leaves a lot of distraction of property. Part of this is the flooding that arises which is pretty common.

This is the reason why Zoeller sump pumps were made. It ensures your house does not get ruined, especially if it’s prone to flooding. Not only can flooding be brought about by natural calamities, it could also be due to a burst pipe or overflowing water machine.

A sump pump can be defined as a pump that is used to remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting sump basin, which is found in the basements of most homes. In this article, we shall review the Zoeller sump pumps, mention what to consider before purchasing one and round up the best pump out of those reviewed.

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Top 4 Zoeller Sump Pump Reviews

1. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp

This is known to be one of the best Zoeller sump pumps out there. It is a fool-proof pumping device that when turned on, it has an automatic feature that watches over the switch. Also, it is a heavy duty machine as it can be used to perform difficult tasks. It has a great blend of a state of the art exterior and well-performing motor that can be purchased at a budget-friendly price. Without further ado, let us jump into the features.

Strong Pump Housing

ZOELLER M53 has been made with a strong cast iron switch, case and motor housing. Also, it comes with a thermoplastic case. This is a solid construction which ensures the pump can be used more frequently and last longer.

Powerful Motor

This is one of the best things about the pump. It has a motor with a 1/3 horsepower, which makes it pretty powerful. This contributes to its great performance.

Non-Clogging Impeller Design

So I bet you are wondering about what can happen when the debris gets into the pump. Well, this pump has been manufactured in such a way that the debris does not clog the impeller, thus damaging the pump. This definitely makes it worth a purchase.

  1. Automatic switch. The pump has a float activated the automatic switch, which means you do not need to manually switch it on when needed.
  2. It is efficient. It has speeds that go up to 1550 RPM. It can get rid of as many as 45 gallons per minute.

The metal-air hole gets clogged with gunk or rust so you would need to drill a weep hole in the outlet pipe which can be frustrating.

2. Zoeller 57-0001 M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump

It is known that Zoeller products are the best and leading on the market. To further stress this point, this model is a true reflection of this. It has been made with stainless steel screws for durability, a switch arm, a handle and a guard. To add on to that, it is oil filled, sealed hermetically and comes with an automatic thermal overload motor that can be reset as needed by the operator. More features are further detailed below.

Corrosion Resistant

ZOELLER 57-0001 M57 has an epoxy finish which is a great feature because it resists corrosion. This means that no sheet metal parts will rust or corrode when water comes into contact with them.

Watertight Square Ring

Being a submersible water pump can leave you worried about water getting into the pump. With this pump, that is nothing to worry about because the manufacturers have ensured the square ring between the motor and pump housing are secured to avoid water going in.

Handles High Volumes

It can pump 2650 gallons per hour, which is great as you do not have to worry when there is flooding. This pump will be sure to get the job done in an efficient, smooth and noiseless manner.

  1. Ready to install the system. The manufacturers have ensured that the pump is easy to install without the need for technical assistance, which is an extra expense. The process has indeed been simplified for the customer.
  2. It is less noisy. An added advantage in purchasing this pump is that the discharge lining has been equipped with a number of sounds reducing rubber fittings that helps in the reduction of noise when operated.

The switch can be faulty by sticking to the “on” position after a few years of purchase. This means that you will have to replace from time to time.

3. Zoeller 105-0001 Laundry Pump Package Including M53 Sump Pump

It is pretty much like a 2-in-1. It is composed of the sump pump itself, a check valve and catch basin. The package comes with effective components and some additional options. The pump allows you to remove water from the areas where the gravity flow is not available.

Its applications include a lavatory, wet bar sink, laundry tray pump, air conditioning condensate, dehumidifier water removal and among others. This shows that it is not restricted to homeowners only.

Glass-Filled Base

A great feature about this ZOELLER 105-0001 pump is that it is made of polypropylene and glass-filled base with a built-in strainer. This is great as it makes it effective and ensures all the debris is caught in time to avoid clogging.

Powerful Motor

Another great feature that this sump pump boasts of having is a 1/3 horsepower, which means it can move up to 2580 gallons of water per hour. This means that water is pumped out at a faster rate than what is coming in thus controlling the flood.

Great Discharge Size

The sump pump comes with a discharge size of 1-1/2 inch NPT. This means the pump is capable of passing ½ inch spherical solids along with laundry lint. This goes to show that all the debris is cleared from your house.

  1. The instructions are easy to follow in the manual which goes to show that installation of this sump pump is a breeze.
  2. It is an automatic pump, which means it runs for a while before automatically switching itself on. Talk about convenience.

The catch basin may not be as big or tall as you would want it, but it still gets the job done pretty well. The size and length are a small price to pay.

4. Zoeller M63 PREMIUM SERIES 5 Year Warranty Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp

ZOELLER M63 is one of the most famous Zoeller pumps in the market because of its efficiency in getting the job done. It has been well built for both residential and small commercial purposes. Also, it is known to have great durability and generates less heat compared to other models even during extended operations.

As if that is not enough, it is also noiseless. During operation, you will have no reason to leave the room because of an irritating sound. It is definitely a premium sump pump and the features below further reiterate this point.

Advanced Switch Technology

ZOELLER M63 pump comes with a great feature where the switch is automatic. This means that after the pumping is done, it goes off automatically without you having to switch it off manually. This is definitely convenient.


A great feature that I enjoy is its resistance to corrosion and powder-coated epoxy finish. This means that there is no problem of rusting and corrosion as there are no sheet metal parts on the sump pump.

Strong Shaft Seal

Another feature is the carbon and ceramic shaft seal. They come in after assembly of the pump and they are used for providing a maximum temperature for dewatering.

  1. It is less noisy. You will barely notice it is on when in use. As much as a pump is powerful, it does not need to be a nuisance.
  2. It drains water very quickly. The rate at which water comes in is less than how much goes out. This is what a great sump pump is supposed to do.

When purchasing, some of the pumps come used or rusted. Take caution where you purchase the sump pump to ensure you get a quality product.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Zoeller Sump Pump

Granted that there are a lot of sump pumps in the market, it is vital to understand some aspects before making a purchase. Price is not the only thing to consider. These other factors are equally as important to consider in order to avoid constant replacements and costly maintenance.

Motor Power

When purchasing a Zoeller pump, ensure you are keen on the horsepower. This will give you an indication of how powerful the motor is and in turn, how efficient it will be in the long run. Avoid “can” motors as they are mass produced and arrive in a metal casing so you might not be sure how they were made.

Keep in mind that a powerful motor will always deliver superior performance. Therefore, a high power unit is recommended, especially for areas with constant heavy rainfall. A good basement Zoeller pump should be at least 1/3 to ½ horsepower.

Type of Materials and Assembly

The best sump pump is the one constructed with materials that are non-corrosive such as cast iron or the thermoplastic versions. This ensures that the motor is kept dry at all times in order to run efficiently. Additionally, it ensures the entire unit lasts you a lifetime without frequent replacements and maintenance.

Type of Sump Pump

The most common sump pump types are submersible, pedestal, water powered and “floor sucker pumps.” Among this list, the submersible sump pumps are by far the best because they are the quietest, most powerful and effective pumps available.

When accompanied by a battery backup pump, they provide the most reliable wet basement protection in the market.


As mentioned, submersible sump pumps are the best in the market given its great qualities. Nonetheless, they are more susceptible to clogging than other designs. To prevent this, choose a submersible water pump that is designed to sit on a stand in the sump pit.

Also, the pump should run without a screen as they happen to collect debris and clog your system.

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